House Committees Press Contacts for 2014

Committee on Agriculture (202)225-2171–Tamara Hinton

Committee on Appropriations  Majority- (202)225-2771 Jennifer Hing       Minority- (202)225-3481 Matthew Dennis

Committee on Armed Services (202)225-4151—Claude Chafin

Committee on Education and Labor  Labor-(202)226-0853 Julia Kran         Education- (202)226-1956 Brian Levin

Committee on Energy and Commerce  Majority-(202)225-2927 Sean Bonyum       Minority-(202)225-3641 Karen Lightfoot

Committee on Financial Services  Majority- (202)225-7502 David Propp                Minority- Chris Spina (202)225-4247

Committee on Foreign Affairs  Majority- (202)225-5021 Shane Wolfe                    Minority- (202)226-8467 Tim Mulvey

Committee on House Adminstration Majority- (202)225-8281 Erin Sayago               Minority- (202)225-261 Jordan Goldes (718)445-7861

Committee on Homeland Security Majority- (202)226-8417 April Ward                Minority- (202)226-2616 Adam Comis

Committee on the Judciary  Majority- (202)225-3951 Kathryn Rexrode                   Minority- (202)225-6906 Stephanie Baez

Committee on Natural Resources Majority- (202)225-2761 Mallory Micetich or        Michael Kotadeo (202)226-9019 Minority-(202)225-6065 Jen Gilbreath

Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Majority-(202)225-5074 Becca Watkins (202)225-0037   Minority- (202)225-5051 Jennifer Hoffman (202)226-5181

Committee on Rules  Majority-(202)225-9191 Doug Andres                  Minority- (202)225-9091 Carrie Adams or Eric Walker

Committee on Science and Technology  Majority- (202)225-6371 Zachary Kurz (202)226-4955  Minority-(202)225-6375 Kristen Kopshever

Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (202)225-7103 Tom Rust

Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure  Majority- (202)225-9446 Justin Harclerode        Minority- (202)225-4472 Ed Gilman

Committee on Veterans’ Affairs  Majority- (202)225-3527 Curt Cashour          Minority- (202)225-9756 Dan Rafter (202)225-6306

Committee on Ways and Means Majority- (202)225-3625 Sarah Swinehart           Minority-(202)225-4021 Josh Drobnyk

Joint Economic Committee (202)224-5171  Majority- (202)224-5171 Niles Godes           Minority- (202)224-5171 Al Selzenberg